Monday, December 1, 2008

Remo Ghosh - I have completely lost my confidence

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The ‘chota don’ is not in a very good frame of mind. Though he loves being in the Top 14 and has a lot of fun doing masti with his friends, he is worried about his singing. We find out why.

How does it feel to be in the galas?

Amazing. This is my first time on Indian Idol and in the very first try I’ve reached so far. So I feel extra happy. Where I come from, there are not many opportunities like this. And now I’ll perform on such a big stage. Everything has changed in just one year.

Who is your toughest competitor?

Kapil Thapa and I have been like brothers from the theatre round and I also feel that he is my toughest competitor. He not only has a dhamdhar voice, but he also sings with such style. He has great stage presence, too. He will go far and I am scared of him.

Now that you''ve had a makeover, do you feel more confident?

I think I look much cuter. [Laughs.] They’ve given me a spiky look and I feel it makes me look more mature. Earlier I looked 12, now I look 17.

How have you changed as a singer and as a person after you entered Indian Idol?

As a singer I feel that I am worsening instead of improving. I’m not singing like I sang during the audition. I don’t know what’s happening. Mein yahan pe jaa raha hoon aur gala vahaan pe jaa raha hain. I am practicing a lot but it’s not improving. I’ve lost my confidence. Now that I’m in the galas, I’m practicing even more and I’m trying to rebuild my confidence.

I used to do a lot of masti with my friends. But when I entered a competition, I became very serious. Like last year, on Dimapur Idol, mein chupchap baittha tha. But on Indian Idol I am doing so much masti, shararat. I feel very happy inside and I just want to dance and make people laugh.

Who is your favourite judge? Why?

They all love me a lot. They look at me differently from the others. But I like Annu Malek the best. He criticises me when I perform badly, but he also supports me a lot. He is my guru.

You have become small celebrities already. Has that affected you in any way?

Mein jaisa hoon, vaisa rahoonga. If I meet a kid, I’ll still play with him. I don’t want to change at all.

The galas are going to be tough. How do you plan to tackle the competition and get more votes?

In the piano rounds, a kind of fear could be seen on my face. Now I want to erase that completely. I am going to practice more and improve my singing.

Who do you get along with the best among the Top 14?

Kapil Thapa. When I met him during the theatre rounds, something just clicked. I hope we are always together, my entire life.

Is there anyone here who you feel doesn''t belong in the Top 14? And if you could bring back an eliminated contestant in his/her place, who would it be?

No. The Top 30 was chosen from among thousands. So everyone has something in them. People may have bad days, including me, but they deserve to be here. However, I do wish to bring Roshan bhaiya back. When he sang it touched hearts and he deserves to be here.

Why do you think we should vote for you?

I am as I seem on the TV. And I promise to try even harder from now on.

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